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Elliot Lake Retirement Living, Ontario's most affordable retirement community

Compare and Save

  • 1 bedroom apartment from $545/month
  • 2 bedroom apartment from $615/month
  • 3 bedroom townhouse from $800/month
  • 2 bedroom houses from $885/month
  • 3 bedroom houses from $985/month

In Elliot Lake, your dollar goes further.

Offering the most affordable retirement lifestyle in Ontario, with rents from as little as $545.00 per month you can afford to do the things you have always wanted to, in your retirement.

When you compare Elliot Lake’s average monthly rent for a 2 bedroom apartment versus other locations in Ontario, Elliot Lake is the most affordable.

  • Elliot Lake $651.00
  • Midland $1,066.00
  • London $1,109.00
  • Hamilton $1,219.00
  • Kitchener $1,231.00
  • Ottawa $1,410.00
  • Toronto $1,547.00

Source C.M.H.C. Rental Market Data 2019

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About Us

Elliot Lake has become one of the most popular retirement communities in the province due to its modern infrastructure, affordable housing and the pristine natural environment that surrounds the community and the quality of life that people experience while living in accommodations supplied and managed by Elliot Lake Retirement Living.

Elliot Lake Retirement Living has been offering modern accommodations at unbelievable value for over 25 years.  We offer an excellent variety of accommodation styles for you to choose from.  Whether you choose an apartment suite at one of our many apartment complexes, or a townhome or home you are sure to enjoy your retirement lifestyle, free from the worry of upkeep and maintenance.  We offer a variety of styles and sizes to choose from to suit your lifestyle and budget.