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  • 1 bedroom apartment from $565/month
  • 2 bedroom apartment from $635/month
  • 3 bedroom townhouse from $840/month
  • 2 bedroom houses from $885/month
  • 3 bedroom houses from $985/month

Shopping & Services

The community is serviced by Canada’s five major banks and a credit union.  There are accounting firms, insurance agencies, law firms and a legal aid office serving the community.

There are over four hundred businesses including national chain stores such as Canadian Tire, Shopper’s Drug Mart, Rexall Drugs, Rona, FoodLand, No Frills and The Source to name a few. Local businesses offer furniture stores, car dealerships, pet shops, a delicatessen, video stores, flower shops, clothing stores, hardware and many others.

There are approximately seventy businesses offering personal service that include such things as hair styling, spa services, upholstery, auto repairs, appliance maintenance, laundry and house cleaning.

There are some small manufacturing businesses as well as a number of contractors offering a variety of carpentry, electrical, masonry, decorating, plumbing and general construction services.

For your pet’s medical needs, the city has veterinary clinics and businesses that provide boarding and grooming for pets.