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Live in a retirement community where you can have the active lifestyle you want, affordably!

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Compare and Save

  • 1 bedroom apartment from $565/month
  • 2 bedroom apartment from $635/month
  • 3 bedroom townhouse from $840/month
  • 2 bedroom houses from $885/month
  • 3 bedroom houses from $985/month


Elliot Lake Retirement Living offers townhomes in two or three bedroom styles and you have your choice of a garage or a basement and many include two bathrooms and a separate laundry room.

We provide all of our retired townhome residents with grass cutting services at no extra charge. You need never worry about the costly home repairs or upkeep associated with ownership; all of your maintenance requirements are taken care of by our qualified, efficient staff.

We are transitioning all of our Townhomes to SMOKE FREE.  Any new tenant, as of March 2019, will no longer be permitted to smoke in their units.



Townhome Rental Rates

TWO BEDROOM/2 Bathrooms with gas fireplace  $900/month     

THREE BEDROOM/2 Bathrooms with gas fireplace $950/month

THREE BEDROOM with a basement $840/month (Laurier & Warsaw Place) or $900/month (Athens)

THREE BEDROOM with a garage $900/month (Athens) or with a garage and gas heating $940/month (St. Laurent)


The monthly rental rates include water and grass cutting services. Utilites are extra.