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Little White River Route

Length: appox. 3 days, 80 kms

Number of portages: 10

Parking: available at Mississagi Provincial Park on at Cobre Lake boat launch

Rated: easy with advanced white water in the spring


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To fully enjoy this route, it is best taken during the late spring or early summer when the water

level is still significantly high. The Little White River is particularly popular for those looking for a

relaxing and easy adventure. Six kilometers south of where the Boland River enters, the Little

White marks the start of a series of rapids inter-spaced with calm stretches of water and ends at a waterfall 6 km downstream. The route takes you down the Little White River 80 kilometers (50 miles) where it joins the Mississagi River. The topography along the river ranges from low lying land to rolling hills and high rocky bluffs. The timber along the north end of the route is mainly pine and spruce. This gradually changes to a hardwood forest as you go down river. The river has many fishing holes where brook and rainbow trout can be caught. People interested in natural photography will not only obtain excellent shots of scenery but also enjoy shooting the wildlife.

There are several portages along the way where canoes can park another vehicle to end their



**Parking Note: You will also need to have a second vehicle parked at Red Rack Lake because this is not a looped route.

Flack Lake – Ten Mile Canoe Route

Length: appox. 4 days, 30 kms

Number of portages: 13

Parking: available at Mississagi Provincial Park or Laurentian Lodge

Rated: difficult

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This canoe route begins and ends at the boat launching ramp on the east end of Flack Lake in

Mississagi Provicial Park, 25 kilometers from The City of Elliot Lake.

This breathtaking route will appeal to paddlers who are looking for a challenging adventure in

 some of the most photographic routes in the area. Flack Lake is situated on Lake Huron’‘s

– watershed in a high section of the Laurentian plateau and is characterized by its rugged surfaces, tree covered hillsides and ridged rock outcroppings. The area is also characteristed by interlocking lakes and streams that contain lake trout and brook trout, perfect for fishing.

Elliot Lake – Depot Route

Length: approx. 3 days, 32 kms

Number of portages: 4

Parking: available at Elliot Lake boat launch

Rated: intermediate

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The Elliot Lake-Depot route is one of the more leisurely canoe routes, with minimal and easy portages (the longest one being less than 500 m). It starts at the Elliot Lake boat launch in Westview Park, right beside the City of Elliot Lake. 

The lake itself offers a spectacular view of the City and the pristine wilderness that surrounds it.

From Elliot Lake, it is only a short portage to Quimby Lake, and from there, you travel to Esten Lake. Portaging and traveling by river, canoeists can reach the northwest shores of Marshland Lake with minimal difficulty. Marshland joins up with Depot Lake. On the eastern end of Depot is the boat launch, which is situated right on Hwy 108. The final destination is the perfect place to end your canoe trip with a picnic under the trees.

*Parking Note: for a shorter excursion you can park at Spine Beach Road. You will also need to have 2 second vehicle parked at Depot boat launch because this is not a looped route.


Dunlop – Mace Lake

Length: approx. 3-5 days, 42 kms

Number of portages: 9

Parking: available at Dunlop Lake Shores or Dunlop Lodge

Rated: advanced 

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This scenic canoe route begins and ends at the Dunlop Lake landing, about 10 kilometers north of Elliot Lake on Highway 108.

The route travels canoers through 8 different lakes making this adventure ideal for those looking to explore the Northern Ontario wilderness. With a gradual incline, this route is best taken during the early morning or late afternoon when the wind is settled. During the trip, canoers will paddle arcoss clear waters filled with lake trout and will experience excellent views of the rugged countryside, there are an abundance of beautiful campsites to choose from.