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Elliot Lake Retirement Living, Ontario's most affordable retirement community

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  • 3 bedroom townhouse from $662/month
  • 2 bedroom houses from $733/month
  • 3 bedroom houses from $840/month
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Hiking and Biking

Whether your favourite mode of wilderness transportation involves walking shoes or hiking boots, Elliot Lake offers the perfect outdoor experience. From a leisurely afternoon jaunt to an extended expedition, the Elliot Lake area offers a variety of trails and routes featuring some of the most breathtaking scenery in Ontario.

Many hiking trails are found on the diverse terrain surrounding Elliot Lake, offering hikers a variety of trail lengths and skill levels. An easy stroll through gentle terrain or a challenging rugged trail involving climbing and descending for the more advanced level hiker are found in and around Elliot Lake. Hiking in the area will provide a number of lookouts, interesting flora, swimming and camping areas, wildlife and historical sites are but a few of the highlights of the area.

Elliot Lake has hundreds of kilometres of mountain bike trails and the rugged and natural terrain make this a favourite of every biker that visits. Elliot Lake has been the proud host of a number of Ontario Cup Mountain Bike Races with over 400 racers taking part. The Elliot Lake area offers a wide variety of riding experiences for all levels of riders.